Karen unmanned robots are designed to work autonomously or remotely, especially to meet the needs of security forces. Robots have a wide range of uses, from bomb disposal, search and rescue to attack.
Karen Robots are autonomous or remote-controlled mobile robots designed for especially military applications, from transport to bomb disposal, search & rescue and attack.
 Karen EOD Bomb Disposal Robot has been designed and manufactured to successfully perform tasks such as explosive ammunition disposal, under-vehicle control, indoor and cave exploration, with the ability to move on rough terrain. The images obtained from 4 different cameras on it can be sent to the operator in the control center. It displays 360 degrees around it with its pan-tilt imaging camera. The robot has a 6-axis arm that can rotate around it. It has right and left water cannons, laser pointer and LED lighting. It can be controlled wirelessly for 50 m in closed area and 200 m in open area. It has 40 degree slope and stair climbing feature. Battery usage time is minimum 2 hours. Control of the robot is provided via Joysticks and LCD screen (Touch).
 Our Karen Reconnaissance and Surveillance Robots are remote controlled unmanned land vehicles that can perform 3D mapping with the sensors on it, work day and night thanks to its thermal camera, and are designed for use in harsh climate and terrain conditions. The Karen system unmanned robotic systems are designed and manufactured to operate in areas where the use of soldiers is risky, and to fulfill the missions given for observation purposes in a complete and precise manner.

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Armed Robots

 Karen TOMRIS Armed Unmanned Robot Systems

Bomb Disposal Water Disruptors

The Karen's Water disruptor gun systems ;  Bomb disposal gun , guns , rifle , water disruptors , EOD Water Disruptor 

Fire Extinguishing Robots

 The Karen FFR-1923 Fire Extinguishing Robots

Handheld Bomb Scent Detector

Handheld explosive detector for quick accurate results

In-canal Research Robots

The Karen CR-70 Features and Benefits of the Industrial Pipe camera robot Inspection System:

Light Backpack Camera Robot

Lightweight camera robot systems carried on the back

Robotic Ballistic Shield

Robot crawler shield is the production of Karen system. It carries an automatic opening and closing shield at Br6 and Br7 levels.

Underwater Inspection Research Robot

The Karen UWI-500 Self-propelled vehicles for underwater inspections robots , maintenance and repairs. 

Water Disruptor Carrier Robot

Bomb disposal armed robot systems , water disruptor gun transporter robot