CANTILEVER OR ON RAIL SLIDING GATE , MANUAL OR MOTORIZED . Need Safe, Effective Access Control? Here’s Why A Sliding Gate Is A Great Choice. The control of your company is key to manage a flow of vehicles and maintain the safety of your services. Karen offers different models and solutions of sliding gates to control your entrance. Our sliding gates are presented on rail or cantilever, manual, motorizable or motorized, but always conform to regulation and CE norms, in any situation. Consult our range to close your perimeter with professional gates built to last

 Karen automate Karen System Ballistic Bulletproof Guard Booths, also known as guard shacks, guard houses, or security cabins, are designed to protect the watchkeeping personnel from bullets and explosion attacks. For that reason, our products differ from common prefabricated cabins and they are being called bullet proof booths, blast resistant booths or ballistic guard booths.

 Karen Ballistic Bullet Resistant guard booths are the best solution to protect the entrance of high-risk areas such as military bases, prisons, barracks, refineries, power generation stations, government buildings, banks, stadiums, airports, train stations and subways. Guard houses are considered the core of the entire security system you might have, since guards, sentries, sentinels and watchmen are always the best deterrent for crimes.

 Our Bullet Proof guard shacks are made in Ballistic steel and equipped with thermal insulation, air conditioning and communication systems. Several optional accessories are available in order to maximize the comfort of guard personnel. Bullet proof guard booths are manufactured to meet every single request with custom bullet and blast protection levels, in compliance with European and international standards Karen armored booths and ballistic shields are generally used at embassies, important government buildings and structures, military installations, and high end hotels in some countries. NATO and other military organizations have obtained the booths to serve as guard posts at their military installations around the world because of their reliability.

 Karen system fully engineered bullet resistant and blast resistant guard towers are turn-key solutions for perimeter security applications at nuclear facilities, military installations, border crossings, chemical/petroleum plants, correctional facilities, and other industrial locations.

 Karen Ballistic Bullet Proof guard tower systems are designed and built to meet the most stringent security and structural standards, from severe blast events to geographical seismic concerns, each individual requirement is evaluated and certified via comprehensive analysis and supporting calculations. 

 Karen makes great bulletproof shields that every department can afford.  Our ballistic shields are in stock and ready to ship to you, making protection easily available to anyone who needs it. The Karen  Bulletproof Handgun Shield is another example of how our company is making ballistic protection affordable to more people than ever before.d sliding gates can be used as vehicle access control system in commercial complexes, business premises, factories and similar places.

Control access to your premises with a motorized sliding gate . A automatic sliding gate can combine a high level of security with ease of access where there’s limited space. This makes it an appropriate choice for premises that open onto busy streets. Where there’s heavy footfall or a lot of traffic, they are the best option since they open easily without drivers or pedestrians having to walk far to open and close them. 

Flexible products to meet your needs . Karen gate systems offer you the greatest flexibility of choice. If you need driveway gates for your house or business, there are both manual and electric versions. All sliding gates can also be combined with swing gate options for pedestrians if required. Select from a wide range of metal and timber infill options, too, so you can achieve the right look and level of viewing for your site, either fully visible or completely private. 

A range of sliding gates to meet every situation . When a high traffic larger area site needs a great value for money option, Karen cantilever sliding gates are a great choice. In fact, whatever the size of entry access control you require, you’ll find the right style and materials in Karen’s extensive range of products. Whether you need lightweight and durable aluminium gates, or prefer wire with wooden slats or composite vertical bars, Karen gives you the flexibility to create your look. 
Safe and efficient access . All Karen’s automatic sliding gates are designed and installed with safety in mind. Gate automation includes fully automatic versions using photocells, pressure strips and remote controls, with integral safety systems so you know that anyone who uses your electric sliding gate is safe. In summary, when your site or driveway requires both safe and secure access, you can find it with Karen. 

Traditional and modern working in harmony . Some locations may warrant advanced security but need a traditional look. Some historic or sensitive locations may need the look and styling of a wooden gate, for instance. Others may need colour matching or coordinating to other aspects of the site. With so many infill and panel styles available, you can have both effective access control and aesthetic appeal.

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Armed Ballistic Armored Guard Booth

Units (Bullet-Blast Resistant Guard Booths) provide unmatched ballistic performance for all types of security applications. Fully prefabricated, each BRE is produced to meet specific levels of bullet resistance and (optional) blast resistance, offering enhanced levels of occupant survivability.

Ballistic – Bullet Proof – Bullet Resistant – Blast Resistant Container

Ballistic - Bullet Proof - Bullet Resistant - Blast Resistant Container , Expandable Container

Ballistic Security Tower Guard Booth

Observation security towers with guard booths made in ballistic steel

Ballistic Shield

 Karen Ballistic Shields are shields designed to stop or deflect bullets fired at their carrier. Although ballistic shields are specifically designed to protect against weapons and guns, they alse protect against most types of stabbing or cutting-type weaponry, and hand-thrown or launched projectiles such as rocks and arrows. Thanks to this kind of protection, Karen ballistic shield can be used in every kind of threat situations.

Building Exterior Ballistic Armor Coating

Armored panel covered living areas consist of armored modular containers used to protect against threats in areas open to attack and at the borders. Dormitory, dining hall, administration and office buildings are built by bringing armored containers together. These buildings are used in military camps, oil and mining camps.

Bullet Resistant Mobile Security Tower – Bulletproof Portable Security Tower

 The mobility and functionality of the Karen Bulletproof Tower make it ideal for use at impermanent bases or as part of security operations around critical infrastructure facilities.