Karen represents the leadership of Karen PVC High Speed Doors Group. The Solution of Rapid Industrial High Speed Doors has become a reality thanks to rapid automatisms that provide facility and functionality of movement between an area and another one. Karen , flexible and rapid industrial high speed doors manufacturer, operates with great success in food farming sectors, pharmaceutical industry, chemical sectors, cooling areas, clean rooms and industries of every kind, all high-level working environments which require high professionalism that Karen is able to fully satisfy.

PVC doors reinforced with metallic bars put into the horizontal compartments of the doors, to contrast wind force. These reinforcements function also as protection for workers and goods in case of breaking due to wrong or accidental maneuverings. High-speed roller doors are offered in many different versions, providing individual and customized system solutions for nearly every application requirements. All high-speed roller doors are produced in a largely maintenance free modular construction.
The Karen Systems high speed door product range is best described as “the all in one”-solution. Extremely suitable in situations where temperature control is necessary, but the frequent coming and going of vehicles requires a door that opens and closes quickly.

A safe solution
The standard safety features, the flexible door leaf without horizontal reinforcement profiles and soft edge bottom profile, result in a safe solution when accidentally driving or walking against the door leaf.
Standard soft edge
No damage to people and products due to flexible soft edge and curtain.
Durable and self-repairing
As a standard, The Karen Systems Vertical and Horizontal High Speed Door, is self-repairing after a crash over the full clear size height. 
A curtain for every situation
The Karen Systems high speed door has a 1.3 mm thick door curtain as a standard. The curtain is fitted with a vision panel at eye level. Other curtains in the product range are the 7.0 mm thick curtain or FDA certified canvas to improve the energy loss.
All curtains can be delivered in 13 different colours.
Superior seal and highly wind resistant
Our High Speed Doors are provided with a special construction which guarantees superior sealing around the entire opening. Because of this sealing, the doors are highly wind resistant (up to class 4) and can therefore also be used as exterior doors.

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High Speed PVC Door System


Horizontal Roll-up High Speed Door

 Karen system Horizontal high speed door , Opening time is twice as fast due to the lateral opening of this door and unlike vertically opening doors, the complete opening height is immediately accessible for the user. With an opening speed of up to 5 m/s and its closing speed of up to 2.5 m/s the Karen Horizontal high speed rool-up door  represents the reliable solution for a fast and safe passage traffic.