Ballistic Explosion Resistant Mobile Panel Concrete Wall , T-Wall , Texas , Colorado , Jersey Barrier , Bunker and Shelter Systems
 Our ballistic explosion-proof concrete barrier and bunker systems. They can be produced in various heights and widths according to our customers’ requirements and threat levels. Our modular concrete systems create a low-cost continuous wall independently of the plots in which they are placed. They can be moved to another region at any time . Desired strength; We have the opportunity to produce in ASTM American and EU European standards. All of our products are ATEX certified against explosion from an independent overseas testing institution. We also have concrete mobile portable wall systems with ballistic bulletproof ( at maximum levels BR7 , Level IV , Level 8 ) report.
Our Types of Ballistic Explosion Resistant Mobile Concrete Wall System .
  1. Ballistic Bulletproof Explosion Pressure Resistant Portable Mobile Concrete T-wall Wall Systems
  2. Ballistic Bullet Proof Explosion Pressure Resistant Portable Concrete Bunker Shelter Systems
  3. Ballistic Bulletproof Explosion Pressure Resistant Concrete Sentry Tower, Sentry Tower Systems
  4. Ballistic Bulletproof Explosion Pressure Resistant Concrete Sentry Cabinet, Shed Systems
Our American standard products;
1. Colorado concrete barrier wall systems
2. Texas concrete wall barrier systems
3. Alaska type concrete wall systems
4. Concrete bunker shelter systems in accordance with the American standard
5. Jersey road divider concrete barrier wall systems
6. T-wall type ballistic explosion-proof concrete wall systems (The top is razor wire retractable.)

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