Our Rocket Holder ( Catcher ) and Cutting Wire-Fence Systems, Military Buildings and Facilities, Dams, Power Plants, Police Buildings, Military Sentry Cabinets and Watchtowers, which are used to prevent terrorist attacks with RPG-7 and Other Rocket launchers, imprisoned and caught the rocket in the wire without explosion is the wire system.
 Our Rocket Restraint Wire Fence Systems are the wire system that captures the rocket that is used to prevent terrorist attacks to be carried out by rocket launchers at points such as Military Buildings and Facilities, Dams, Power Plants, Police Buildings, Military Guard Cabins and Watchtowers.
 Our products Karen system is manufactured by our company. It is a wire system that is completely processed by hand. The steel is stainless type and it is knitted with net hand workmanship according to the type of rocket it will hold. Pricing is made according to the square meter calculation. Knitted nets are delivered stretched into their own special profile carcasses. Wire mesh spaces are adjusted according to our mold dimensions and your specification. Our rocket network systems squeeze and catch the Rocket head between the eyes as soon as it hits the wire. Joining joints of our Rocket Approaching Wire Systems are tightened with aluminum stainless rings processed on special CNC benches. It does not break during opening and stretching, and is used without any problems in years.
 Our rocket wire usage areas.
1. Governorship, Embassy, ​​Public institutions and organizations, Military and Police Buildings and so on. Uses for the purpose of ensuring the safety of life and property against rocket attacks by covering the entire building surface in accordance with the framework made on the building at the points
2. The purpose of stopping rocket-launched attacks on the guard posts of our Military and Police forces; Our rocket holder network systems that provide protection by mounting the carcass mounted 1.5 meters in front of it, whether armored or unarmored,
3. Dams, power plants, RPG-7 etc. to be built on watchtowers in military areas. Our rocket wire systems stretched to the killers to stop the rockets
4. Our rocket holder mesh systems, which are fastened to military and security vehicles with electro-magnetic magnets and designed to stop rocket attacks on these vehicles (patented by our company.)

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Ballistic RPG-7 Rocket Catcher Blocker Wire-Fence

 Ballistic wire, also known as rocket retainer wire, can be made from outside to all public and private institutions and organizations that need security, especially the buildings used by military units (road control points, police stations, base areas, headquarters buildings, etc.) and buildings where our police forces are stationed. with rocket etc. It provides the highest level of protection against attacks. Rocket holding wires are produced in our factory by our own means and completely locally and exported abroad.

RPG-7 Rocket Cutting Mesh Wire Fence

Rocket Cutting RPG-7 Destroyer Wire Fence