Karen’s Automatic Motorized Chain Barrier . Karen is a new chain barrier for controlling park areas and passageways up to 25 meters wide .The complete Remote Control Chain Barrier system is endowed with 220 V Ac. motor which can lift a chain weighing up to 12,5 kg .Karen is endowed with an impact sensor system, in order to guarantee max safety during operation . It is advisable to fit a floor-level chainprotection ramp

Motorized Automatic Remote Control Chain Barrier Systems
Karen chain barriers operate on the principle of stretching the chain and laying it on the ground. It is suitable for garages and entrances of 5 meters to 25 meters width, which are difficult to block with other blocking systems.

Automatic motor parking chain chain barrier systems are the most practical and affordable barrier system that can be used to control parking entrances. It is an indispensable product of parking lots. Thanks to its ability to close large areas of 20 – 30 meters, it is preferred in places where the sleeve barrier cannot be used. Our controlled parking place chain barriers offer cheaper parkyer barrier options than barrier systems that are more expensive to close with our other barrier systems.

Automatic Chain Barrier Working way
They are motorized and automatic systems in our chain barrier systems. It is controlled by remote control. When the remote control button is pressed, the chain between the fathers descends to the ground. The vehicle login to the parking place. Then the chain is automatically stretched in front of the photocell security sensors at the end of the setting time, and the vehicle prevents the input and output and ensures the safety of the parking space.
Motorized Automatic Chain Barrier General features
It is suitable for garages or inputs between 5 meters and 25 meters, which are difficult to close with other transition systems.
With the special connection elements thrown into the chain from the ground at long distances such as 25 meters in the remote -controlled automatic chain barrier, the upper Asağı movement of the chain can be controlled.

Karen automatic chain systems work with the logic of stretching the chain and laying on the ground.
Automatic chain systems are available in a short time of 2 seconds and the ability to remove the chain and download it with heavy traffic flow.
In the Remote Control Automatic Chain, the upper Asağı movement of the chain is under control. In this way, the movement of the chain is restricted against the interventions made from the automatic chain to the automatic chain, in any way, the vehicle cannot pass under and over the automatic chain.
It is suitable for garages or inputs between 5 meters and 25 meters, which are difficult to close with other transition systems.
Our automatic chain barrier systems are guaranteed for 2 years.
It can work with all kinds of dry contact information.
It has a very solid body.
They work with infinite screw reductive and motor components.
The chains are high meat thickness, galvanized -coated load chains. The strength resistance is high.
In fast vehicle impacts, the chain breaks off the carrier father and prevents damage to the motor and control unit.
The body is designed on 80x80x3 mm profile carcass.
The main body and the opposite apparatus have a design suitable for stretching.
The moving father of the chain barrier is made of stainless steel and steel ST37 sheet.
During the chain movement, the winding reel diameter was held large to prevent the release of the chain, and the opposite apparatus was placed in the bearing wheel. System elements are painted with electro-static powder coating. The chain is covered with electro-galvanism.
It is a very useful product for sequential parking spaces in front of the building without closed garage in busy cities such as Ankara and Istanbul. It offers a suitable and cheap price advantage.
The barrier has a very stylish design and stands out while working thanks to the flash lamp.
As the range of the chain increases, the meat thickness of the chain increases as well as the reduction and motor group power.
Chain Barrier System 220/380 Volt AC. They work with voltage. Electricity consumption is very low.
Usage areas
Chain systems can be used in every parking lot where the vehicle entry and controlled passage are requested. Due to a cheap barrier solution, it is suitable for all institutions and organizations and businesses and special use.

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