Karen’s Photocell glass doors are designed for places where human circulation is intense. The aesthetically pleasing design combined with the 9 cm narrow chassis and the easy mounting feature provide advantages for both users and vendors.The Karen automatic photocell glass door provides convenience and comfort to the user with its silent and high performance where the entrance and exit is intense. It is produced in the colors you want according to your exterior decoration with unlimited color options. Unlimited color options combined with quality adds a different beauty to your spaces.

 Karen use photocells for door and gate automation equipment. Photocells detect the presence of a person or object in the vicinity of the door, and prevent the door from closing, as well as returning it to top of its cycle. A photocell system is one form of safety required to meet legislation.

 Automatic glass sliding doors provide smooth entry and exit even during peak pedestrian traffic. Karen Photocell glass doors are used in workplaces, markets, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals and public buildings. The Karen can detect all jams when closing the doors of radar doors. In addition, thanks to the safety photocell, it detects moving objects in between and returns to the opening position. Karen Motorized Automatic Sliding Doors are user friendly, suitable for all architectural designs. All functions are extremely easy to set. The battery is activated in case of power failure. Karen’s photocell door continues to work with battery system in order to continue circulation in power cuts.

Our Glass Door General Features
Card reading, encrypted entry panel or can be opened automatically.
The position and operation of the door can be easily adjusted thanks to the LCD screen keypad.
It is compatible with all kinds of access control systems such as fire safety and central control.
It has a fast and slow opening and closing feature with the deceleration system in opening and closing.

Karen’s Automatic Sliding Glass Door Types
1. Telescopic sliding door
2. Hermetic sliding door
3. Slim profile automatic sliding glass door
4. All-Glass sliding door
5. Curved glass sliding door
6. Protected automatic photocell sliding door
7. Fire proof automatic sliding door
8. Radiation resistant automatic sliding door

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All Glass Automatic Photocell Door

 The Karen's All-glass automatic sliding door systems for architectural master pieces. An attractive foyer, inviting shopping environment, grand table settings ; there are times when you want to show off a spectacular, unobstructed view. The Karen's All-glass sliding door systems delivers a sleek, stylish solution that is easy on the eye. All our automatic sliding door systems are available as either a bi-parting or single sliding door systems and comes complete with door leaf, safety devices, access control options and where required, side screens and overlights. Available for both beam or wall mounting.

Double Automatic Photocell Door

Double Wing Automatic Sliding Door

Hermetically Sealed Automatic Door

Karen Automatic Motorized Hermetic Sliding Doors

Single Automatic Photocell Sliding Door

Single Wing Automatic Glass Sliding Doors

Telescopic Automatic Photocell Doors

  Telescopic Photocell Glass Doors    Karen Photocell automatic glass Telescopic Sliding Door System is an ideal solution for narrow