Karen document, paper and document incinerator (trimmer) is a quality and guaranteed device that is used by public institutions and individuals, which is used to destroy paper irreversibly, and contains its own paper waste bin.

 Karen paper and document shredder is a mechanical device used to cut paper into either strips or fine particles. Government organizations, businesses, and private individuals use shredders to destroy private, confidential, or otherwise sensitive documents. Karen paper shredders also have built-in wastebasket.

 Our Karen system document destruction systems are 100% domestic production. Guaranteed for 2 years. Our products can be manufactured according to your current projects or in accordance with your determining features such as the weight, type and size of the documents to be destroyed. The documents with wet signature accumulated over time in the buildings of the state institutions should be burned irreversibly and destroyed. Our devices suitable for this need are installed in a suitable area of ​​your buildings. After each confidential document is placed in the device, pressing a button, the device automatically destroys the documents and empties the ashes into the trash. It is seen that it is harmful to destroy the debit cards that are defective in banks or returned from the mail, because they contain jeeps. For this reason, our devices melt these plastic-based ID and bank cards in high temperature and the presses are burned by the information inside the chip.

Our product range
1. Plastic-based ID cards, Bank cards, CD, USB memory, microciped plastic documents containing information, melting and pressing machine productions that enable them to be melted and pressed.
2. Our paper incinerator machines that enable the destruction of all wet signed documents belonging to public institutions, institutions and corporate companies that need to be destroyed by irreversible burning.
3. Document shredding and blending systems with water

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Plastic Bank Staff ID Card Melt Shredder

Automatic plastic alloy documents (ID, bank cards, personnel IDs, cd, usb documents carrying digital information, etc.) destruction systems are generally preferred by state institutions, banks, corporate companies. Among the documents left in the loading chamber; Pieces, blends, melts at high temperature, presses and ejects molten plastic from the outlet chamber.