Mine Dedection Drone , Weapon Use Drone , Bomb Carrying Drone
Drone Systems; Our products are specially produced by our company on a project basis. Engine and battery components are supplied from abroad . They can be manufactured from wing openings in the desired load carrying capacity . In project-based cases, production is made with the permission of the Turkish Republic. They are systems used in agricultural areas, defense industry and security purposes.
Our drone kits are used in many areas in the defense industry.
1. Detection of immigrants and illegally transported goods at borders with image transmission to a remote point
2. Creating a 3D mine map of the minefield with special detectors and developing a mine intervention strategy according to this map.
Counter-terrorism and military action with explosive mortar transport
4. Transport of light materials and documents to a distant point
5. Carrying Aker (bomb disposal weapon, water cannon) weapon and unmanned intervention to bomb packages and bags with drone

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Counterterrorism Drone System , Bomb Carrier Drone

Anti-Terrorist Drone System , Bomb Carrier Drone , Counterterrorism Drone System 

Mine Dedection Drone , Mine Explosive Finder Drone

This type of drone systems draws the sonar type radar system designed by our private company over the mine field and creates a 3d map of all mines buried in the ground, explosives and unexploded ordnances. Our radar system, which moves by sliding on the ground, is designed to move without getting stuck in all kinds of stony, rocky and sandy terrain conditions.