The Karen’s Half-waist turnstiles , Full height turnstiles , Mantrap security gates , Tripot classic turnstiles , Speed gates , Flap gates and turnstiles are used at corporate building entrances to control the entrances and exits of visitors and working personnel. Visitors report their entrances and exits by reading their proximity or myfair cards to the card reader mounted on the turnstile.

 The purpose for Karen access control system is to control the entries of the person’s to certain places and to report relevant data. If required, time restrictions and introduction for access at doors may be applied for the persons. All visitors and members of the company/building use cards to access the restricted area
 Karen Turnstile Access Systems is one of the important equipment of today’s access control systems. Turnstile systems are generally called turnstile entry systems. They are used to regulate and limit entrances and exits to any building or area. There are models suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. They are mostly used together with a controller rather than alone. These devices are; proximity card reader, fingerprint reader, face recognition device, hand reading device, iris recognition device etc. is happening.

There are different types of turnstiles according to their usage purposes and places.
1. Waist type turnstile systems
2. Height type turnstiles
3. VIP Turnstiles
4. Fast Pass Turnstiles
5. Toilet Turnstiles
6. Hygiene Tourniquets
7. Market Turnstiles
8. Mantrap turnstiles
9. High security turnstile systems
10. Bulletproof glass turnstiles
11. Ex-proof type explosion proof turnstiles
Turnstiles effectively manage the flow of people in an internal or external setting. The Karen’s turnstiles are built for dependable and long-lasting performance in high volume situations. Turnstiles monitor, count, and maintain reliable access control while permitting a high frequency of passage. The Karen offers a selection of standard rotating-arm tripod, half-height, and full-height turnstiles. All units can be combined with time recording systems and ID readers, including contactless and biometric systems. This results in reliable access without the need for monitoring by personnel. All turnstiles can be customized with a wide range of materials, housings, and finishes. 

 Karen’s Turnstiles regulate the stream of people, control exit and entrance, protect from unauthorized persons access. Turnstiles are installed at security desks, governmental facilities, schools, banks, hospitals, universities, sports and entertainment centers and other facilities.

 Turnstiles, gates and railing systems provide effective means for pedestrian flow control at entrances of production facilities, administrative buildings, company offices, schools, university campuses, stadiums, leisure and fitness facilities, amusement parks and zoos, shopping outlets. The Karen manufactures a wide range of turnstiles, gates and railings to meet various requirements to design, size and level of security.

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Half Height Turnstile

 MDRS-H-200 Half Height Turnstile System , Half Height Turnstile Access System

Motorized Full Height Double Turnstile

MDRS-300 double full height stainless steel turnstile systems

Non-Motorized Mechanic Full Height Turnstile

 Karen Non-Motorized Mechanic Full Height Turnstile

Tripod Turnstile Gate

Karen's MDRS-B-400 Tripod Turnstile Gate