Karen safety cabinet is widely preferred by public institutions and organizations and private companies to keep valuable belongings of visitors and subscribers such as mobile phones, guns and magazines. Safety cabinets are manufactured by Karen, with either a key or standard key lock.

 Karen safety deposit box is an individually secured container which is used to store visitors’s valuable possessions, such as cell phones and pistols. These boxes can be secured by standart locker or cryptic locker.

 Karen system produces electronic type safety cabinets with steel type password, key and microchip. Our products, such as telephone safety cabinets, bags, laptop notebook computer safety cabinets, gun and gun safety cabinets, are made of steel sheet and are safe. It is not in a structure that can be easily broken like wood production. When your deposit is locked inside our cabinets, it cannot be opened by outside intervention. Detected as a result of security searches while entering our gun safe cabinets, military and security forces, as well as state institutions such as corporate ministries; Items such as guns and pistols are not allowed inside. It is designed for people who have these elements to leave their relics themselves in the lockers at the entrances.

 Our safety cabinets can be manufactured from stainless steel, aluminum and normal dkp sheet metal. We manufacture project-based safety cabinets according to our customers’ requests, dimensions and usage areas. Our DKP steel sheet cabinets are painted with electro-static powder paint. We have paint options according to the color of the room or environment where they will be installed in the desired Ral code.

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Password Protected Phone Locker

Mobile Phone Safety Cabinet , Electronic Locker Cabin For Smart Phone

Pistol, Gun, Magazine Locker

 Pistols, Magazines and Small Weapons Safety Cabinets are produced by Karen System with 100% domestic and national resources, in desired quantity, color, steel or wood, according to their location and dimensions. Our gun storage cabinets (gun boxes) are completely 4 mm. It is specially manufactured in our laser cutting machines from steel. There is no possibility of opening with any outside intervention. It can be made of electro-static powder coated or completely stainless steel. It can be manufactured as a gun box with a manual key, a gun box with both a key and an electronic lock, or a cabinet with only an electronic key or a combination lock. Please contact our company for your detailed requests and special orders.