Our Anti-ram impact test bollard barrier systems has a lot of type . For example ; Electromechanical Automatic Rising Bollards , Hydraulic rising bollard barrier , Pneumatic bollards , Manual bollard , Fixed bollard barriers And Different model stronger body M50 M30 K12 K4 K 8 PAS 68 Crash test rated Anti-terrorism level manufacturer

 Karen automatic anti-ram rising bollards ( electromechanic , hydraulic, fixed, pneumatic and manual ) are designed for high security vehicle entrances, army, industrial, governmental and commercial buildings or streets which are closed to vehicle traffic between certain hours of the day.The Karen Automatic Bollard is a hydraulically operated rising bollard that offers superior aesthetics and system functionality.The Karen Automatic Bollard is completely reliant on an operator. This type of rising bollard can be utilised on either large, manned car parks or in residential or commercial applications operated by an individual hand-held key fob.Automatic Bollard is a stainless steel automatic rising bollard designed specifically for driveway access control.The Karen rising bollard is the premier automatic bollard for driveway access control, ideal for use on residential or small commercial applications.

 Automatic Anti-Ram M50 M30 Impact Test Report Rising Bollard Exports to the Middle East and Africa , Automatic Crash Test Rated rising bollard masts (safety masts) offer excellent safety and traffic-calming solutions to areas with higher traffic flows or at specific risk areas. Our systems are perfectly programmed to work with your current system, such as automatic barrier or sliding doors, or can be installed as an independent security system. Automatic rising bollard masts are a highly robust product to move away from vehicle attacks through a versatile programming system, such as multiplication, and can be a perfect solution for closing certain roads or roads at certain times, such as high streets during shopping hours.

 Our first-class automatic masts provide fluid flow, while fully upgrading or lowering in approximately 3-8 seconds. Emergecy optionally 1 seconds upgranding  . Clear LED indicators provide safe activation for all types of use. Thanks to an automatic lowering option during power outages, applied safety or traffic control can be easily overridden in emergency situations.

 Manual Retractable Bollard receivers must be dug into the substrate, since the bollard body slides completely into the ground receiver. To keep bollards functioning over a long time, planning and proper installation are important.

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Anti-Ram Telescopic Rising Bollard

Anti-Ram Telescopic Shallow Mounted Rising Bollard

Counter Terror Wedge Bollard Barrier

Anti-Ram Angle Bollard Barrier , Counter Terror Wedge Bollard Barrier

Electro-mechanical Motorized Rising Bollard

Karen Electromechanical Bollard Barriers, manufactures anti-ram vehicle barriers that reliably operate in all climates with minimal maintenance. This specification defines the Model MB-4000 series automatic electric vehicle barrier manufactured by Karen Barriers.

Hydraulic Rising Bollard

Electro-hydraulically power operated, our Blocking Bollards come in single or multiple units with a common drive unit. The standard blocking height above surface level ranges between 500 mm to 850 mm. Aesthetically designed in different shapes and colors, this range of bollards is ideal for pedestrian zones in the city, fuel pumps as well as for security purposes in front of important buildings

Led Decorative Bollard

Karen systems's Power Led Outdoor Bollards are perfect for lighting pathways and entryways, providing adequate lighting for increased safety on your property and visually illuminating the pedestrian pathway.

M50 M 30 Pas68 Crash Test Automatic Rising Bollards

PAS 68 crash tested is an industry testing standard which identifies impact test methods, tolerances, test vehicle type and performance criteria that needs to be met. It has been prepared to address the needs of organisations who wish to have the assurance that vehicle security barriers (VSB) will provide the level of impact resistance that they seek.

Manual Retractable Rising Bollards

Karen manual retractable bollards are an amazing blend of strength, flexibility and convenience. Simply unlock and lower the bollard in place whenever you need access. Manufactured from 304 or 316 stainless steel, these units are recommended for decorative and safety applications. The classic look of our flat design style coupled with the wide variety of configuration options you’ve come to expect from a Karen bollard, our line of manual retractable bollards are sure to satisfy.

Pneumatic Rising Bollards

 Our pneumatically driven automatic bollards are designed to control access and enhance perimeter security while adding to the overall aesthetics of any install location. Every System is built to the highest of standards, are easy to maintain, and will completely integrate with any existing access control or security components and systems.

Rising Mobile Electric Bollard

Wherever there may be a temporary energy requirement, be it for electricity, water or other services, energy distribution bollards are the ideal solution, guaranteeing a totally safe energy supply. This type of bollard means the end for dangerous or make-shift connections or cables, and of the risks associated with cables strewn over the ground.