Karen X-ray scanning devices can be supplied by security, military and safety units, bags , cargo , trucks , containers , personnel , persons , car etc. scanning and detection of prohibited substances, used to control materials. In order to use such devices, it is necessary to obtain the necessary legal permissions and certificates from the Atomic Energy Authority which Karen provides you with trouble-free support. All of our products are guaranteed for 2 years.
Karen X-ray devices which can detect even radioactive material, are suitable for security purposes and package checking. These devices need an import permit issued by Atomic Energy Authority to enter the country and license is given after the result of radiation control experts in the places where it will be used.
 . X-ray scanning system energy is used in many branches. Our company is dealing with Karen system x-ray devices; X-ray luggage, bags, suitcases, parcel scanning systems
 . X-RAY Truck, Truck, Container, Vehicle, Vehicle, In-car scanning and imaging systems
 . X-ray human, personnel, person body search and search systems manufacturing and sales and service provides services.
X-ray machines , devices;
1. Can be used for bag and package content control at entrance and exit points in private or institutional building entrances or in shopping malls.
2. The security level can be used to check the content detection of mailing envelopes or packages for private areas.
3. Can be used for container or truck content control in customs areas or similar areas.
4. Can be used for content control of suspicious packets detected by the security forces.
 X-RAY System and passenger vehicle – in-vehicle scanning systems; Border gates, private institutions, entrances, dams, hydroelectric power plants, military and security buildings in the entrance of vehicles bombs, explosives, drugs, narcotics, illegal substances, illegal passengers, prohibited substances, weapons and etc. is a scanning system used to detect elements.
 X-RAY Human body, Body scanning system; Airports, Borders and so on. It is an x-ray imaging system which can store all kinds of substances, such as illegal substances, narcotics, drugs, pills, explosives, guns, bullets, knives, which are hidden or swallowed to human body in the regions and also provides the user with the possibility of separating organic and inorganic substances. Color and black / white type x-ray human scanning imaging system as two types. World health organization is produced according to the minimum radiation dose values. No harm to human health.
 Cargo, Container, Truck, Truck, Scanning X-ray Systems; They are manufactured as fixed or mobile. In fixed x-ray truck, bus scanning – search and display systems, the device passes through the stationary vehicle. In moving systems, the vehicle stops and the device moves on the vehicle. The image of the vehicle is detected up to 40 km / h. Full hd quality image analysis is performed. Cargo scanning x-ray system makes organic-inorganic separation. Our Karens can large vehicle in-car imaging systems are guaranteed for 2 years. It can be produced up to 450 kva, 600 kva, 650 kva power. It continues to work in case of power failure with UPS support. 2.5 Pos – 10 Pos systems max. It can drill steel between 20 – 40 cm.

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Gantry Portal X-Ray Truck Trailer Container Cargo Vehicle Inspection System

 Gantry Portal X-Ray Truck Trailer Container Cargo Vehicle Inspection System

Handheld Portable X-ray Device

Karen Portable X-ray system , Portable x-ray baggage , car , box inside inspection sytems 

Mobile Container Truck Scanning System

 Mobile X-ray Container Truck Vehicle Scanning System

Mobile On-board X-ray Baggage Scanner

 The Karenscan EST-8500 X-Ray Mobile Screening , Mini Van is equipped with an advanced X-Ray Baggage Scanner with a tunnel size of 100.0 cm x 100.0 cm (39.4” x 39.4”).

Mobile Pulled Type Trailer X-ray Handbag Baggage Scanner

 Mobile Pulled Type Trailer X-ray Handbag Baggage Scanner

Mobile Trailer X-Ray Container , Truck , Vehicle , Cargo Screening Inspection Scanning

 The Karenscan Mx-60 X-ray Trailer series is designed to scan trucks and cargo containers to verify the contents and identify the presence of hidden contraband such as weapons, explosives, and narcotics as they roam the implanted system. The Karenscan Mx-60 is a trailer-mounted, high-energy inspection system with material discrimination for efficient screening of vehicles for threats and contraband. The fully self-contained unit can be easily towed and rapidly deployed, with several operating modes for additional flexibility.

Mobile X-ray Truck Container Scanner Device

The Karen X-ray Backscatter Truck , Container , Trailer Inspection systems is the most maneuverable, versatile, and successful cargo and vehicle screening system on the market. Its easy-to-interpret Karen Backscatter image quickly and clearly reveals threats like explosives, drugs, currency, and trade-fraud items such as alcohol and cigarettes—even in high-throughput environments like border crossings and security checkpoints.

Portal Gantry X-Ray Truck Cargo Trailer Container Scanning

The Karenscan-5500 Gantry x-ray for Truck and Cargo Scanning is a highly efficient pass-through inspection system for large trucks, buses and cargo containers. It uses multiple X-ray technologies to provide up to six images of the truck or cargo and is well suited for high-traffic locations. Image processing for enhanced metallic detection can be deployed with the Karenscan x-ray portal system.

X-Ray Backscatter Landmine Tank Mine Dedection

Dedection of buried landmines , tank mine with x-ray backscatter