All units of Karen parking automation system are manufactured by our company. This includes parking automation software, car park arm barriers, license plate reading recognition system software, ticket issuing machine, interconnection board, all electronic cards and plc unit.

 Karen is a world wide parking automation system manufacturer. This includes the parking automation software, parking drop arm barrier, plate recognition system, the ticketing machine, all electronic cards and plc units.

 Leave the job to the experts in the parking system. Online or offline Karen Car Parking Systems offer all the features your car park needs. All you have to do is enjoy customer satisfaction. Karen Parking Systems, which can work in integration with all kinds of Access Control Systems, keeps you one step ahead with its adaptive structure and ensures that the latest technologies can be included in the system whenever you want.

 Parking Lot Security and Automation Systems are used to control all vehicles that will enter and exit, to ensure parking lot security, to charge parking services, and to ensure that visitors looking for a parking space in the parking lot reach the appropriate areas by the shortest route in a way that does not disturb the internal traffic dynamics. Residence buildings, hotels, shopping malls, business centers, buildings, hospitals, educational institutions and multi-storey car parks are structures that need different usage, security and automation requirements. Parking Lot Security and Automation Systems are integrated with other security systems and high-level building management systems, keeping the building security under record, thus minimizing operating costs.

Car Park Ticket Systems
 Karen Automatic Access offers a comprehensive range of car park solutions that increase operational efficiency, improve user experience and maximise car park revenue. The Karen Automated car park ticket and pay machines help cars to flow freely in and out of your car park. Having the right automated parking system where tickets are dispensed , ensures no unauthorized access to your premises. We supply and install different types of automatic pay stations and ticket machines.

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Automatic Parking Pay Point

Karen parking automation software; Parking fee automation software has been prepared by our company's engineers, it is a software compiled with years of experience to answer all your problems.

Parking Automation Software

Paid Parking Automation System Software