Karen system automatic motorized and manual roller shutter door , Bulletproof – Bullet Resistant Protection 500 Ballistic Steel Shutter Door . Blast Proof Automatic Steel Roller Shutter Doors . Karen system manufacturer industrial automatic and manual panel sectional garage door and we have bullet proof , bullet resistant , blast proof , explosion-proof motorize sectional garage doors
Automatic Motorize Roller Shutter Systems ; Automatic shutter systems are the most preferred system to prevent adverse weather conditions and for security. It is used to block sunlight, rain and wind caused by weather conditions. Shutter systems; It can work with manual side chain geared pulley driven and automatic motor type. Karen systems manufacturer Blast Proof and Explosionproof automatic , manual roller shutter door . Our products have 2 years warranty . We have bulletproof , Bullet resistant shutter door 

 Workplace safety is very important today, so our shutters and doors must be durable in order to be protected from attacks by malicious people, to prevent theft, and not to be affected by adverse weather conditions. By using perforated profiles, it is ensured that the illuminated showcases at night are visible in certain proportions. In addition , colorful advertising graphics can be processed on fully closed shutters . The automatic shutter features work with a very quiet motor and if the electricity goes out, the automatic shutters can be used again with the activation of a manual or backup generator.

 Motorized Garage Door Systems are automatic door systems that are frequently used in many entrances. Panel type polyurethane filled door wings are very useful in thermal insulation. It is frequently preferred in entrances such as warehouses, hangars, fire station garages, military garages, etc. with large-scale doors. In addition, being decorative and long-lasting at the garage entrances of private residences and villas makes these doors highly demanded. Automatic garage door systems are also called sectional doors. When the control is pressed, the door opens on the rail parallel to the ceiling or vertically in the guillotine.

 Profiles used for automatic motorized steel shutters and steel shutters are produced by roll forming method, and different profile types and thicknesses are used according to the dimensions of the shutter. A total of 7 roll form lines are used for the production of steel shutters in Karen system and offer a wide range of products to its customers. Profiles that are specially produced according to the order size of our valued customers, are suitable for all sizes and openings, are comfortable and safe to use, and are resistant to explosive and flammable materials, and protect your spaces safely. There are micro-perforated and windowed type profiles for transparent showcases for workplaces in motorized automatic shutter systems, and you can safely display your products even when your workplace is closed. Automatic motor operated shutter pallets are painted with electrostatic powder paint (oven paint), and you can choose the color of the shutters from the colors in the RAL catalog according to your request or the color that suits your corporate identity.

 The motor types used in automatic shutters are high-capacity, quiet and long-lasting. The engine type and power to be used are determined by expert engineers for long years of healthy operation. Automatic manual motorized non-motorized steel roller shutter systems, Bulletproof Steel Shutter Shutter, Explosion and fire resistant steel roller shutter systems
 Karen garage doors can be opened either manually or by an electric motor. Garage doors are frequently large enough to accommodate automobiles and other vehicles. Small garage doors may be made in a single panel that tilts up and back across the garage ceiling. Larger doors are usually made in several jointed panels that roll up on tracks across the garage ceiling, or into a roll above the doorway. The operating mechanism is spring-loaded or counterbalanced to offset the weight of the door and reduce human or motor effort required to operate the door.

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Aluminium Rolling Shutter


Bulletproof Automatic Roller Shutter Door , Bullet Reistant Motorized Shutter Window

Bulletproof Automatic Roller Shutter Door , Bullet Reistant Motorized Shutter Window Systems

Explosion Proof Roller Shutter , Blast Proof Roller Steel Shutter

Explosion Proof Ballistic Steel Shutter , Blast Proof Ballistic Steel Roller Shutter Systems

Explosion Resistance Sectional Door , Explosion Proof Garage Door , Blast Proof Industrial Panel Door

Explosion Resistance Sectional Door , Explosion Proof Garage Door , Blast Proof Industrial Panel Door

Fire Resistant Industrial Door , Fireproof Sectional Door , Fire Rated Garage Door

Fire Resistant Industrial Door , Fireproof Sectional Door , Fire Rated Garage Door

Fire Resistant Shutter Door , Fireproof Roller Shutter Window

 Fire Resistant Shutter Door , Fİreproof Roller Shutter Window Systems

Sectional Panel Garage Door

 Sectional Panel Automatic Remote Control Garage Doors ; Sectional Motorized Remote Control Garage Doors ,Gates that can be manufactured in accordance with architectural designs . They are spring-balanced doors that slide towards the ceiling thanks to the rails on the door sides, which are controlled by hand or motor. Automatic Sectional Garage Doors are preferred at the garage entrances of detached houses, and at the parking garage entrances of apartments and sites.

Steel Rolling Shutter

Steel shutters, steel shutters, automatic shutters and shutter systems;

Steel Shutter

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