The Karen gun rack and gun cabinet provide the reliable storage space needed to keep the military and other security guards’ weapons. All kinds of weapons and ammunition can be reliably stored in these armaments. Weapons with password lock, fingerprint scanning etc. Offered with various security options.
 Karen armory cabinets and weapons storages provide secure storage for military and law enforcement weapons. These high capacity weapon lockers can store all types of guns and weapons. Weapons storage racks are available with and without locking options and as standalone racks or on high capacity space saving armory storage systems.
 Karen system manufactures hardware systems for safe accommodation of weaponry and fire equipment. Our shelf systems with steel cabinets and safes for Weapons, Pistols, Rifles. It can be manufactured as fully closed, semi-closed or completely open type. All of our firearm safety and storage cabinets can be manufactured with manual key lock, electronic proximity card or pill reader key, and electronic password.
 It is available in our troop security systems that work with fingerprint and eye iris recognition, specially designed for our military and security forces. Our Unity weaponry security systems are conditionally present within military units. The soldier on duty goes to the gun stand and has his fingerprints and irises read to the gun. If this information is saved in the gun computer and the soldier’s weapon is in the cupboard, the locked cabinet (it can only be opened during the guard’s watch) will be opened. If the soldier does not take his gun from the gun within 2 minutes, the magnetic switch detects this and re-locks the cabinet and says the gun is here. And wirelessly sends the information of the soldier who does not take his weapon to the hand-held android tablet computer in the hand of the commander. Blacklists the military. If the soldier takes his weapon without delay, he says the weapon has been received and assigns the information to the commander as date and time as normal. There are RFID stickers inside the guns. When the soldier who took his gun from the gun station leaves the room, the RFID antenna says the gun is out of the room, it’s now in the military. And the soldier goes to the watch area, reads the RFID antenna weapon in the guard area and says to the commander that the soldier came to the guard area no. 1 at this time and date. All guns are only the owner’s as an electronic tag. Another soldier cannot take another soldier’s weapon. In this way, guns, guards, the gun that goes to the loading and unloading station – everything that does not go are tracked. Weapons can only be picked up during the guard hours. And the soldier has to put down his weapon until a certain time, which is entered into the software at the end of the watch. For detailed information, please contact our engineers.
Some of our product ranges are as follows.
1. Steel cabinet telephone safe cabinets with encrypted electronic signature
2. Pistol , Small firearm ; Steel type safety cabinets with normal lock or with password electronic lock
3. Safety lockers with semi-open electronic keys for gas rifles, grenade launchers and weapons suitable for folding stocks
4. G3, our National Infantry Rifle, MP 5, Kalashnikov etc. Fully closed, semi-open electronically encrypted or normal locked weapon cabinets for medium heavy weapons
5. Special type project based; Manufacture of warehouses and rack systems for heavy weapons, pistols, explosives, various firearms

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Password Protected Weapon Locker

 The solution you need for the safe storage and controlled distribution of weapons is the encrypted gun cabinet.

Weapon Cabinet

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