All Frequency Signal Jammer , GSM Mobile Phone Blocker , Jammer GSM Signal Breakers , Jammer gsm wifi signal blocker for military vehicles , Mobile phone signal jammer , Designed for backpack military personnel to carry comfortably on their backs , Signal jammer for escort protection vehicles , Handheld portable GSM signal breakers , Designed for prisons and private institutions , government agencies phone and wifi signal breakers
All Frequency Signal Jammer , GSM Mobile Phone Blocker

Jammer Signal Breaker, Jammer signal breakers for military vehicles, Signal breakers for corporate buildings, all gsm operators, wi-fi etc. manufacture of signal mixer systems with 2 years warranty

  The purpose of use of Madoos jammer wireless signal jammer systems; With the rapid development of mobile communication technology, mobile communication tools such as smart phones and tablets have become indispensable important tools in people’s daily business lives in the age of mobile internet. Problems such as the ringing of the mobile phone during the meeting disrupting the meeting order, the students playing on the mobile phone during the lesson, and the leaking of important meeting information beforehand have become an important issue.

  In the age of mobile internet, smartphones have become an indispensable tool for people’s work and life. Almost everyone has a smartphone. Although the use of smartphones really brings great convenience to people’s lives; In addition to bringing great convenience in many places such as scientific research institutes and banknote printing factories, it also caused negative effects. Especially in prisons and detention centers, mobile phones have become the number one threat in the forbidden zone. Some criminals use illegally obtained cell phones to form gangs to make calls, send and receive text messages, obtain external information, and even escape restricted area prisons. The management of these places requires the protection of mobile phone signals.

  The digital desktop wireless signal blocker released by our company can prevent the illegal use of mobile phones in the coverage area by blocking the downlink signal of mobile phones. They block 2G, 3G, 4G, 4.5G, 5G mobile communication services of various operators, including voice, data, SMS and other functions.

The Turkish versions of our jammer signal blocking systems, which we manufacture, sell, service and install, are as follows.
1. In-car GSM jammer signal breakers
2. Armored vehicles designed for military purposes, security vehicles, escort vehicles, etc. jammer gsm wifi signal breakers conditioned on vehicles
3. Hand-held portable signal blocking systems
4. Bag type portable jammer systems , Manpack GSM jammer ,Backpack signal jammer 
5. Prison type antenna GSM jammer signal blocking units

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