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What is a Flood Barrier?

Flood Defence Protection Systems

As one of the most significant threats of natural disasters, flooding is a major concern in flood-prone areas. However, important safety measures such as flood barriers play an important role in combating these hazards. By controlling the direction of flood waters, they prevent the entry of water into the environment and protect the environment and prevent possible material and moral losses.

Where is Flood Barrier Used?

Flood barriers are effectively used to increase security measures not only against natural disasters, but also at the military level, in parking lots and shopping mall (mall) entrances. While these barriers are known as security systems developed against flooding, they are also used in other areas for various purposes.

Use at the Military Level

Military security is essential to protect the country’s borders, secure strategic points and ensure the safety of the population. Military bases, country borders and other military installations must be protected against possible attacks. Flood barriers are the preferred solution to increase security in such military areas. The durable and effective construction of flood barriers creates an important barrier against possible flooding and even some attacks.

Use in Parking Lots

Flood barriers in parking lots are used to prevent flood waters from damaging parked vehicles. Due to heavy rains or floods, puddles can form in parking lots and cause serious damage to parked vehicles. In order to prevent such situations, flood barriers are placed at the entrances and exits of the parking lots and vehicles are secured.

Use in Shopping Center (Mall) Entrances

Since shopping malls have heavy human traffic, it is important to protect them against flood hazards. The entrances of shopping centers are equipped with flood barriers for the safety of customers. Thus, flood waters are prevented from entering the shopping center and possible material damages are prevented. Flood barriers in shopping malls provide a safe shopping environment for customers and employees and provide an important security measure against flood hazards.

What are the Types of Flood Barriers?

Flood barrier types vary according to usage areas and preferences. Our flood barrier types are as follows:

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