Hydraulic Rising Bollard

Today, traffic management and safety are of great importance. Hydraulic bollards, which are used especially in heavy traffic areas and critical points, ensure that security measures are taken in the most effective way. In this article, we will provide detailed information about what hydraulic bollards are, where they are used and their advantages.

What is Hydraulic Bollard?

Hydraulic bollards are automatic barrier systems used to control vehicle traffic and ensure security in areas requiring high security. They are generally preferred in sensitive areas, military bases, embassies, airports, energy facilities, customs gates and other critical areas. Hydraulic bollards consist of durable metal poles that can quickly rise and fall in emergency situations.

Usage Areas of Hydraulic Bollards

Military and Defence Facilities

Military facilities are the pillars of national defence and require maximum security. Rising bollards are preferred around military bases and logistics facilities. It ensures that vehicle entrances and exits are kept under strict control and neutralises potential threats. Fast response time and high durability is an important advantage of bollards in military facilities.


Airports are sensitive points with large crowds. It is vital to ensure security in these areas. Rising bollards are used in critical areas to protect the safety of aircraft and the airport. Thanks to its ability to react instantly and automatic control feature, it quickly and effectively controls vehicle traffic.

Energy Facilities

Power plants are critical to the country’s energy production and their safety must be ensured with great care. Bollards are used in energy facilities such as hydroelectric, nuclear and thermal power plants. It plays an effective role in neutralising attacks and preventing possible sabotage.

Customs Gates

Ensuring security at country borders and customs gates is of great importance to prevent smuggling and control illegal crossings. Rising bollards are used effectively in organising vehicle traffic and taking security measures at customs gates.


Municipalities are places where public services are carried out and security is important in these areas. Especially in public buildings and critical points, bollards are used to ensure security and contribute to the public receiving services in a safe environment.

Parks and Gardens

Rising bollards are preferred in public areas such as parks and gardens thanks to their aesthetic design and security features. Used in various areas such as entrance control, event organisations and road junctions, bollards also contribute to environmental awareness with their models produced with environmentally friendly materials. Municipalities, which attach importance to security and regulation in public areas, offer a safe and pleasant experience to their visitors by taking advantage of the advantages of bollards.

Advantages of Hydraulic Bollards

  • High Security Level: Hydraulic bollards stop vehicles quickly and safely, neutralising attack attempts.
  • Fast Response Time: Thanks to its ability to react quickly in emergencies, it provides instant security and minimises potential hazards.
  • Long Life and Durability: Hydraulic bollards are manufactured from durable materials and have a long service life, thus providing cost savings.
  • Automatic Control: Thanks to its automatic operation feature, it provides security without the need for personnel intervention and prevents human errors.
  • Aesthetic and Harmonious Design: Hydraulic bollards have an aesthetic design that is compatible with the environment, so they do not spoil the environmental aesthetics.

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