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Bulletproof Guard Booth

What is a Bulletproof Guard Booth?

A bulletproof guard booth is a special type of security booth designed to protect security personnel from dangerous situations. It is usually used in areas requiring high security, such as prisons, military bases or areas where valuables are stored. These huts are made of bulletproof materials and provide high resistance to bullets. Thus, security personnel can work in a safer environment against external dangers.

Where is Bulletproof Guard Booth Used?

  • Prisons and Detention Centres: Used in prisons and detention centres where offenders are securely monitored and controlled. It is intended to protect security personnel against attacks.
  • Military Bases and Delivery Points: It is used in military areas such as military bases, borders and military delivery points. In these areas, these huts are preferred because security personnel need to be protected against possible threats.
  • Valuable Goods Stores: Used in warehouses where jewellery, works of art or other valuable items are stored. Security is of great importance in these areas and bulletproof huts can help protect these valuables.
  • Banks and Safe Rooms: Bulletproof guard shacks used in banks and vault rooms keep bank officers and security personnel safe from potential robberies or attacks.
  • Security Checkpoints: It is used at points where security controls are carried out such as airports, harbours, border gates. Security personnel working at these points can work in a safer environment against incoming threats.
  • Industrial Facilities: It can be used for security purposes in industrial facilities where dangerous substances are produced or stored. In these facilities, it is important to protect security personnel due to possible accidents or dangerous situations.
  • Energy Production Facilities: It is used in energy production facilities such as power plants, nuclear facilities. It is preferred to ensure the security of these facilities and to provide protection against external threats.
  • Diplomatic Buildings and Consulates: It is used for the protection of security personnel in buildings and consulates where diplomatic missions are located. Especially in sensitive political environments, security is of great importance.

These areas are just a few of the places where bulletproof guard posts are frequently used. These huts usually stand out as special and strong structures designed to ensure the safety of people at the highest level.

Bulletproof Guard Booth Price

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